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The Horizon Task Force
The INFINITI story begins in 1985 with the formation of Nissan’s top secret “Horizon Task Force.” Its objective: to create a new performance luxury brand.

Literally from scratch, the Horizon Task Force began working on an expansive vision, eschewing the simple re-badging of current vehicles to embrace a new luxury automobile ethic encompassing not only product, but the entire purchase and ownership process.

With existing U.S. and European luxury brands already well entrenched in the American marketplace, this endeavor was not only ambitious – it was positively risky.

Work Begins
The Task Force began work in earnest by singling out a handful of leading service corporations for close scrutiny.

Customer-centric companies from outside the automotive field like Federal Express, Four Seasons Hotels and Nordstrom department stores began to influence the vision for the INFINITI purchase and service experience.

The look and feel of luxury hotels informed the design of the first INFINITI showrooms and could be felt in details such as business card design and packaging.

This new customer-centric philosophy – later named the INFINITI Total Ownership Experience – would be applied to service policies as well, and included the then unheard-of amenity of offering free service loan cars.

In July, 1987, the INFINITI name was born. The fresh spelling with four “I”s and badge with its two central lines leading off into an infinite point on the horizon symbolizes this new luxury performance brand’s desire to be always looking forward – to new horizons, to infinity.

Breaking Ground
Sales officially started on November 8, 1989 when the initial 51 INFINITI dealers in the U.S. opened their showroom doors for the first time.

INFINITI launched in the U.S. with two models: the breakthrough Q45 performance luxury sedan, and the driver-oriented M30 performance luxury coupe.

With these two models, and the INFINITI Total Ownership Experience, INFINITI soon gained recognition as an industry leader in customer satisfaction, winning numerous awards including the highest rank in J.D. Power and Associates’ Customer Service Index (CSI) study three times, and consistent top three finishes in major independent sales and service studies.

Gaining Ground
Throughout these early years, the INFINITI model line-up and dealer body grew steadily.

The exterior and interior design of the flagship Q45 evolved without compromising its exceptional performance or engineering. Though the M30 model was discontinued, the INFINITI G20 compact sports sedan soon made its debut alongside the dramatically styled J30 luxury sedan, I30/I35 performance sedan and the QX4 luxury sport utility vehicle.

INFINITI sales by the end of its first decade were consistently around 75,000 units a year.

INFINITI Flourishes
The new millennium heralded a period of unprecedented growth for INFINITI.

Led by visionary executive Carlos Ghosn, the company concentrated on reinvigorating the brand with an altogether new breed of vehicles – cutting edge rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive designs. The results were, in a word, spectacular.

Introduced in March, 2002, the dramatic, award-winning INFINITI G35 Sedan was soon followed by the G35 Coupe in November, and finally the iconic INFINITI FX in January, 2003. Reviews were exceptional and the INFINITI name was soon to be heard amongst those of the leading European marques for design and performance leadership.

The customer response followed suit. Unit sales surpassed the 100,000 milestone for the first time in 2003, hitting the 119,000 – an increase of 35 percent over 2002 sales.

This achievement marked INFINITI as the fastest growing luxury brand in the U.S., and by 2004, cumulative INFINITI sales had topped one million units.

New Models – New Innovations
The INFINITI I35, QX4 and Q45 were gradually phased out between 2003 and 2006, in time for the addition of two new models – the full-size INFINITI QX56 luxury SUV in January, 2004, and the INFINITI M performance luxury sedan in May, 2005.

By December, 2007, another new member joined the INFINITI family: the INFINITI EX. A combination of seductive design and elegant luxury, the EX (badged EX35) also ushered in an array of advanced high-technology systems such as Around View Monitor, Land Departure Prevention (LDP) system and Scratch Shield “self-healing” clear coat paint.

The second generation FX received its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2008 and heralded the introduction of a new 5.0-liter V8 with 390 horsepower, INFINITI’s most powerful engine yet.

The brand’s most recent innovation is the launch if its first Convertible with a metal folding roof which joins the G37 Sedan and Coupe from mid 2009.

Going Global
INFINITI began its period of global expansion in 1996 with sales in the Middle East, followed by entry into Taiwan in 1997.

By April, 2005, INFINITI accelerated its global expansion plan. South Korea opened up in 2005, followed by Russia in 2006 and Ukraine and China in 2007. Western Europe is the newest region to the INFINITI Global family, opening its doors in late 2008.

Today, INFINITI has more than 230 dealers in 15 countries worldwide.

The Journey On
The original INFINITI vision of looking ahead, to new horizons, shapes the brand to this day. Rather than trying to be a premium brand for all people, INFINITI’s is a more personal statement, one that speaks an experiential language concerned with more than mere status.

To quote Carlos Ghosn: “INFINITI is not about doing what everyone else is doing. It is not about copying traditional, conservative notions of luxury. We will not try to be all things to all people, but everything to some people.”

It is this sentiment that underlies INFINITI’s unrelenting passion for creating vehicles whose significance transcends their physical substance – a concept called Graceful Strength.

“We have taken the calculated risks to differentiate our models form the predictable offerings that fill the premium car market, offering cars that thrill and exhilarate in a way that is entirely new to customers,” says Mr. Ghosn. “INFINITI (builds) vehicles with character…destinations in their own right – beautiful, warm designs, sometimes even edgy and aggressive, but always distinctive and true.”

Some dreams are fleeting. Others linger. Very few actually come to life.

or over 20 years, the dream of INFINITI has lived and breathed. It has stayed alive because of one thing: an unwavering commitment to the highest levels of performance, luxury and customer care. A commitment to the creation of driving experiences that not only move you, but leave you moved. A commitment to building automobiles that keep the promise of Inspired Performance.

Issued by Infiniti