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Debuting at the 2007 New York International Auto Show, the INFINITI EX Concept, with its seductive, coupe-inspired design, luxurious interior and unique liquid crystal glass roof that can change from transparent to translucent, looks like the quintessential show car. In reality, the EX Concept is a preview of the all-new INFINITI EX luxury crossover SUV, set to arrive at INFINITI retailers nationwide by the end of calendar year 2007.

The EX Concept showcases two innovative systems: Around View Monitor (AVM) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP). The AVM system reduces blind spots when parking, while the LDP system assists the driver in maintaining lane position if the vehicle inadvertently starts to drift out of the lane.

Like every INFINITI model, the EX Concept also emphasizes exhilarating driving performance, combining V6 power, a 5-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

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